Air Freight



ESA Logistics freight operation has many experiences in fly cargo with wide body aircrafts, therefore all the customers’ goods are delivered safety and fastly through our partnerships  of  Airlines.

We work on new equipments and our professional staffs who can consult
and provide you best service for all kinds of goods, such as:

Perishable Goods
ESA provides special handling for perishable cargo such as fresh meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables, flowers and medicines.

Dangerous Goods
Dangerous goods including chemicals, compressed gases, flammable liquids and poisons can be carried under special conditions of acceptance, packaging and labeling to comply with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations.

Valuable and Vulnerable Cargo
Delicate goods such as antiques, glassware and optical and medical instruments are treated with the greatest of care. High value cargo such as gold bullion, precious metals and works of art are held in special vaults to ensure maximum security.